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Please contact us if you don't understand any of the following terms and conditions

OWNER: Mrs. Samantha Dickens 
PHONE: 0424 461 557 
ABN: 44 994 753 965


IMPORTANT INFO:  Please ensure your customer name as shown above on your invoice is included as the reference when making payment as this will register in our system. You must have a weekly direct debit set up on Fridays on an agreed amount. 

Ask if you need help 


CONDITIONS:  Payment of weekly debits confirms you're satisfied with the service provided.

2 weeks notice to end social is required. Clients need to either pay 2 weeks to cease immediately or have the option to see out the 2 weeks social media representation.

Ask if you need help 


We Hold NO responsibility for your security settings on Facebook Page both Personal and Public. You are to keep updated with Facebook emails and social updates. 

Ask if you need help 


I Need Publicity Now takes NO responsibility for comments or reviews placed on Facebook or Instagram accounts. If we see them we will screenshot and send to you via inbox for you to reply to clients. 


We also hold NO responsibility with hackers and or loss of your page as our security setting has 2FAC Authentication, which means we have higher security settings on OUR personal accounts. 


You must be in control of your page 100% and have 2 ADMINs on your page and make Samantha Dickens EDITOR. 


You are to continue to read your Facebook updates sent to you by Facebook. (meta) 

Ask if need help 


We also WILL NOT accept access to your ads manager or credit card.  We work strictly on organic content and are solely responsible for 3-5 posts per week and giving you a virtual business card. Stories are included in our weekly posts. We will send you a list of other ways to help gain organic reach if you require. Please see WHAT WE DO tab for more details. 

Ask if you need help 


You agree to adding an I NEED PUBLICITY NOW staff member as EDITOR to your social media accounts and payment of the first invoice is confirmation you accept these requirements.


As we are only EDITOR we have limits on what we can do. We do not engage in anything we are not qualified to do and YOU are solely responsible for your Facebook.


We are YOUR virtual business card!


Ask if you need help 

Please fill in the form below to register with I Need Publicity Now.

Your application states acceptance by payment of first invoice.

The terms and conditions state you must pay by direct deposit.

By filling in the form below you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Kind Regards,

Samantha Dickens 

0424 461 557

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